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Welcome to Fox Class - Years 3 & 4

Our topic for the spring term is Flavours of the World. The children will begin by learning about the rainforests; where they are in the world, the weather and climate, the different layers and finding out about the animals, plants and people who call it home.

Once the children have gained an understanding of rainforests and the wealth of resources they produce, we will learn about the Maya. We will explore the achievements which contributed to the success of this fascinating civilization and compare it with what we have learnt about people living in Britain during the same period. We will learn about the building of enormous temples, the development of writing, numbers, team sports and of course the discovery of chocolate.  

In English we will explore texts which encourage us to question the impact of humans on rainforests and the part we have to play in their protection. Our featured artist this term is Tony Capellan. An environmental artist from The Dominican Republic.  We will explore ways of raising awareness of human impact on our planet in response to his work.

In D&T we will use Chocolate as inspiration to create fun treats with a healthy twist and design packaging and marketing information to promote our creations.

PE this term will be on Monday and Friday.

For further information regarding the full curriculum for this term, please click on the topics web and knowledge organisers below.  The curriculum overview shows all of our learning for two years

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