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Welcome to Hedgehog Class - Years 1 & 2

Summer Term 2024 promises to be an enriching and dynamic period, brimming with a diverse array of educational experiences.

As artists, students will mould their creativity through clay, honing their skills in various techniques to design and craft house tiles. History lessons will transport learners to the cosmos as they unravel the extraordinary life of Katherine Johnson. Meanwhile, budding geographers will sharpen their fieldwork prowess while delving into the geography of the UK. Religious Education will illuminate aspects of Islam, fostering understanding of belonging to a mosque and then the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj. In the realm of science, our young scholars will delve into the captivating world of plants, exploring key species, lifecycles, and the anatomy of plants.

The literary journey this term will traverse a spectrum of writing genres, from engaging recounts to innovative storytelling, vivid setting descriptions, delightful postcards, and compelling persuasive adverts. Anchoring our literary explorations are captivating texts such as "Beegu" and "The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch."

Mathematical minds will be captivated by the intricacies of fractions, the significance of place value up to 100, diverse measures encompassing capacity, mass, and temperature, as well as the conceptual mastery of time and statistics.

Physical education sessions will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, providing an invigorating outlet for physical activity and sportsmanship.

For a comprehensive overview of our curriculum this term, including detailed timetables and knowledge organisers, please refer to the links provided below. Our curriculum overview offers a glimpse into two years' worth of immersive learning experiences.

Mrs Hann - Class Teacher


Mrs Calow - Learning Support Assistant

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